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Blue Striped Bed Sheets

These blue striped bed sheets come in 4 different styles: turtleneck, striped, flamingo, and poached. They have a microfiber comfort deep pocket and can fit a 4 person bed. The sheet has a internal pocket for a hand towel, phone, or snacks.

Best Blue Striped Bed Sheets

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Blue Striped Bed Sheets Ebay

The blue striped bed sheets are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. The sheets are made of 100% somerset cotton and have a white cotton stripe along the bed's edge. The sheets have a click-button bed sheet type algorithm that will turn the bed sheet into a soft, luxury machine-washable fabric. this blue striped bed sheets set comes with a 1800 count cotton batting and bamboo feel with 4 different pockets. The sheets are sure to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. this members mark 450-thread count sheet set full navy blue is a great choice for those looking for trouble-free delivery and very high quality. The set also includes a side- zipper pocket and a front- zip pocket. With their striped bamboo feel, they offer a stylish and sturdy foundation for any home. The 4-pair set comes with a deep pocket to keep your bed sheets close at hand, and 4d pocket for easy on-the-go.